[BLENDER BUG] Extrude individual faces is backwards

When you extrude individual faces, the mouse moves in an opposite direction than normal extrude for the desired result. Go try it.

It’s just weird and unwanted. Please fix.

Could you link to your bug report on the bug tracker?

Hey dude. I’ve never done such a thing before. Could you give me a very quick rundown of what I do?

Same is with extruding vertex normals, but I think “wrong” direction is because of Shrink/Fatten.

Yeah, it’s bloody annoying me. It just feels wrong.

So… which direction is “right”?


The right direction is the direction you wana go. The same direction the normal extrude tool conforms to.

Fake it, make extrude, abort, pivot to individual origin, transform orientation to Normal and gzz.

  • Never assume a bug
  • Do not tell other users to fix anything
  • If you suspect a bug, it’s useful to try and repeat the behaviour after checking what you did wrong
  • If you’re unsure or also need a workaround, could ask other users to try it out. For that they need a description of the behaviour and a test file. Same as the bug report.
  • Blender help menu -> report a bug and follow instructions. If you did ask other users, give the link to them so that they can further test and comment on the report about their findings and versions/platforms they tested on
  • Follow the report in case there are futher questions or needs more information. Its status will also change.

Those are things I follow every time and still got my report rejected as non-bugs once or twice. Missing feature for example is not a bug and I’ve had my report moved on the todo list (which was also implemented version or two after).

Here’s my last report which might work as an example. Reported a problem in the development version. Tested different ways and with multiple versions, included version numbers, used clear images to explain the behaviour and provided a test file with steps to reproduce the problem. https://developer.blender.org/T43894

Ok, I made a bug report.