Blender build with Cycles, BMesh and Freestyle all-in-one

Is there such a thing?

I read somewhere about a guy having the three builds separate, and having problems with his startups. I’m having a similar problem, and am just wondering if there could be a Blender build with all three of those in it so that conflicting startup.blend files would not exist (due to there only being 1 startup file being referred to).

A little more on the startup issue: the freestyle build uses the startup file of the cycles build. not pretty. same with the other build. This is also affecting my stable, regular version of 2.6a. I always have to load factory settings, which screws up my addons and my theme, making my screen look quite boring (to me).

Anyways, is there a 3-in-1 build, or would there have to be some kind of patching to be done?

Hi, i think nobody tried this, but you keep problems with the startup if you create a folder “config” in /2.60/.
At first start blender create a startup.blend in there.

Cheers, mib.

you can either do one of the following:

  • force a different config files for each branch, by adding it in the <blender\2.6x\config> directory.
  • wait two weeks, as cycles will be merged, you’ll have one less branch to worry about.

I modelled something in Bmesh and wanted to try it in cycles, but it just crashes on startup. Is there a way to transfer a bmesh model into a regular one. I really didnt think in advance

I believe File > Export > Wavefront (.obj) from BMesh, and File > Import > Wavefront (.obj) in trunk version will do the trick. I haven’t tried this in a while though. And it will triangulate your mesh.

to transfer a bmesh model into a regular one
or you could just press ctrl+T to convert to triangles then in cycles branch alt+j to merge to quads.