Blender Buildbot

Hi all,

Just wondering if there has been any news on the blender buildbot… seems like the builds have stopped since the git migration, so i was wondering if theres a new page for the builds or if the slaves havent been migrated yet.



It looks like it’s starting again, i see now
Windows 32 bit Official 61M Tue Nov 19 22:09:34 2013
Windows 64 bit Official 75M Tue Nov 19 22:20:44 2013

but now without the revision number and those git things, i guess for us that do not talk the devspeak it will be a bit harder to follow when reading commits and looking to which revision the buildbot version is corresponding to :smiley:

Sergey committed a bit of work to the buildbot today

For example, he replaced the function for the revision number with one to get the hash, I think in this case it should allow the buildbot to start back up pretty soon.

last build I see is from today?

Must of happend today! Woot!

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