Blender Builds

These are some places that offer CVS builds… Only recent versions are SSE2 versions (intel only). All SSE2 versions crash on my PC. this is yet another builds host where I finally was able to download the most recent blender build. (Folder states 27oct, the build itself stated 26.

Here you can find testbuilds and other stuff. is nice but confusing. It shows a NEW icon to an empty folder :\ 20061027

Im still looking for ONE server that ALWAYS have the latest builds available. (No SSE2!!!) I think there really only needs to be one server.

I agree -Instead of everyone trying to build their own and have all these scattered Blender Builds sites -a bunch of “builders” should join forces and form a general repository.
They could offer “daily builds” like how BlenderNation offers “daily news”.