Blender built, POV Ray to render.

(sonix) #1

I have downloaded the free windows version of POV Ray, from their website as suggested in a previous post.

Upon starting POV Ray it runs on script, what is the best form to export my Blender creations from Publisher, so they may be rendered in POV Ray.

Is there a script export?

Any help is always appreicated.


(Schlops) #2

Use povanim by jms. For a link do a search on the python&plugins-forum. Oh, and you need blender2.23 to export your scenes, jms is still working on a version for blender2.25.

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Schlops :stuck_out_tongue:

If I create my scene in Blender Publisher 2.25 and save the file, can I then open this in Blender creator 2.23 in order to use the povanim system?

I read somewhere that there is a slight backwards compatibility bug with 2.25 to 2.23, but I can’t recall if this is with the saved blends.

This will obviously save me a lot of time if I don’t need to recreate the scene from scratch… could prob use Append function tho’.

Thankyou for your help.


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I only know that there is a append-bug in the 2.23-Linux version, but it should work w/ Windows. And there shouldn’t be a problem with opening your files with 2.23.
Why do you need 2.25? Booleans?

(paradox) #5

I have rendered the same blend scenes with both publisher and 2.23 without any problems.

(EnV) #6

Yes, but if you save a file in 2.25 you cannot open it with 2.23.


(vetzeen) #7

I dnlded 2.23 myself. it seems to open the model i made from 2.25. Maybe because it was just a mesh, no bones etc perhaps?

I also got pov-ray, and the script just to see what it is all about. The script creates a whole bunch of files. The .pov and .inis are what can be used i think. But it seems that it renders the blend too brightly. Maybe i have too look into the settings.

(PowerMacG4) #8

Got to tone down the red in the mir option of the Material section. Or youcan just edit the povray files by hand. Use less lights. I found that scenes I make for Pov-ray only will be really dark if I rendered them in Blender.

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There are many more exporting options in 2.25 (Publisher) than 2.23 (Creator), including runtime options etc. but I haven’t had chance to experiment with Booleans yet.

I mainly use Publisher 2.25, but often some python scripts will only run in 2.23(Creator) and the rendering time increased using 2.25.

You don’t seem to get a time ammount either for each rendered frame as you do in 2.23.

Some plugins don’t work properly with 2.25 that were obviously written for 2.23.

Bugs bugs bugs bugs… but I still prefer 2.25 to the creator edition. Even though I have to swap between both. (Thanks for Suzanne!!!1)

Anyone having problems running a graphics app, while running Blender? version of Blender can’t cope and I have to close it then launch the paint app, then close that and rerun blender. Gets a bit tedious.

I can only presume that this is due to Blender running from a MSdos window in Windows.

You can always use the Append system to load Blend files from 2.23 to 2.25, and resave the imported bits.

Thanks to all for the replies to my original post.

(theeth) #10

That’s not it. That DOS window is a “console” and has nothing to do with possible graphic card problems. It only holds the output of the program (and the output of the Python thread). Many other program have such console, but most are hidden to the casual user.

The blend file format usually take care of backward compatibility, The worst you will probably see is blank windows and empty buttons, for example, if you selected PNG as output format in 2.25, that button will be blank if you open the file in 2.23. Same goes for the NLA window. Don’t worry though, you can still change the output (or change the window type) even if they are blank.
The only other issue as far as I have experienced (that is, I only deal with the render part, so if there are any Game engine problem, I wouldn’t know), is the dual subsurf setting. You will probably have to reset the subsurf level in 2.23 if you saved in 2.25 with different subsurf level.