Blender bump map looks layered and pixely

Alright so I’ve sculpted a plane and then baked the displacement to use as a bump for a flat plane. Everything went smooth, and I’m fairly satisfied with the result, except that the plane with the bump map has these strange edges that appear almost pixely and like layered.

Here is a picture

If you zoom in on the right side of the render you can see.
The left side is the displaced plane, and the right is the flat plane with the bump map.

I want it to appear smooth rather than with those jagged edges!

Thanks in advance :yes:

I am still in need of help :confused:

OK anarcheril, try baking it with a higher resolution, there’s this rule of thumb that a pixel from the render must correspond to AT LEAST 2 pixels on the bump map . and try keeping the bump a little low.

Can you attach your .blend ? I MIGHT be able to fix for you.

try to apply some subsurf to your original model to increase number of faces

bump map needs a high res model to give a nice looking bump map !


The reason you are seeing those artefacts is the image type you baked the displacement map to. Use Open EXR, full float, with Z buffer, and use the zip compression to reduce the file size. You can find these settings when you save the image. Hope this helps.

Your stairstepping is due to low depth variation in 8-bit images. Bake to an OpenEXR image with the “half” option selected when saving. This will save it as a 16-bit image with smoother transitions.

Yeah, I realised you don’t need the Z buffer, but do you think half, or full float option, m9105826?

Blender only supports 16-bit images for rendering as far as I know, so there’s really no point in saving as a full float, and the visible difference between them would be negligible anyway. You’re already jumping from 256 levels of z data to 65536.