Blender CAM

This thread is about Blender CAM - Computer aided machining(as in CAD/CAM) addon for blender.

you can find everything about the current released version here:

I allready tested it with some relatively good results. It’s most time 20x faster than the previous preview I posted.
If anybody here is really interested in using it in future, consider a donation, since I don’t have much time to develop this add-on.

Comments, bug reports are welcome here.

Sorry to those on other platforms, compiling the needed python libs is quite hard for me. everything is in the installation section on the blog.

Anybody has time to make a videotutorial? would be great.


just uploaded a minor update:


Hi, another update and first tutorial:

So what does this AddOn do? I watched the video and read the Blog page but no where do you say what the AddOn does. Like This AddOn makes a camera…am I missing something?

Who would use this?
When would I need it?
Why does it chop meshes into slices?
Is is used for rendering?
Is it used for animation?
Is it just a data conversion script?

Yeah, Atom, I was convinced that my English was too bad to understand. Thank you, I feel a bit better now.


CAM as in sense of Computer aided machining. often connected to CAD applications. It doesn’t slice meshes, it calculates path for a milling or cutting 3 axis machine. I understand that cam can be mistaken for camera, but that you would hardly write in capital letters.

also, why would anyone develop a script which adds a camera in 4000 lines of code? :wink:

A small but important update on the site:
milling directions support for several strategies;)
Yeah, I am talking to myself here,and on other forums I get really more feedback, potential users of this just don’t come to this forum obviously.

I also changed the first post, not to confuse users about what this addon is for.

I’m listening. I’ll give it a try this weekend.

Vraiment tres intéressant

new version is out!

I am especially proud of the path sorting algorithm :).
many things got optimized.

Still looking for active testers!

for info of what is new, look here:

why would anyone develop a script which adds a camera in 4000 lines of code?

I wrote an advanced Camera AddOn called RE:Frame which manages a camera traveling between target locations to emulate an After Effects plugin called SureTarget. It may not be 4,000 lines, but it is probably 1,000.

Atom, well, I believe you :wink: I know you wrote some really nice add-ons published here and thank you for those…
However I’d like to keep this thread on topic… :wink:

another smaller update, which mainly fixes bugs.

Are your Windows 64 bit binaries updated? I downlaoded one, and tried to calculate a path on suzanne. Memory started on a slow upward trend to where blender was taking 2.5Gb of ram and climbing steadily…I figured that was probably wrong so I just axed it. I’m on win 7, 64 bit, core i7 3610 QM @ 2.3 ghz, 8 gigs ram and Sandisk extreme SSD. So a moderately powerful laptop. What kind of times should I be expecting for some sample meshes. 2 minutes? 5? 30? Just don’t want to let it sit there an cook for 20 minutes if its just grinding on errors. No printouts in the console. What’s a good simple test?

patmo121, the memory and time consumption is dependent only on 2 things - object size and sample raster detail, found in optimisation. As blender metric units are now set-up, Suzanne is 2m -size., while default sampling raster detail is 0.05 mm. you probably won’t have a 2x2x2m mill, where you would need such a huge resolution. So, try to scale suzanne down to a real - world scenario, e.g. 5 - 30 cm, or if you need a bigger model, increase the sampling raster detail. Thanks for feedback.

I am sorry, I didn’t have time for a tutorial yet on this topic, will try to do it someday soon.

Blender Units = Meters…got it :slight_smile: Yeah, I thought I was in mm. Will try again soon

great success. 13-20 seconds ish. Wasnt paying attention and closed w/o reading the console printouts

patmo141 - looks good. So since this is actually first test from anybody else, it gives me a good feeling :slight_smile:

Just want to mention I am still curious in feedback and testing for the add-on.
inserting an image of an almost finished work from the gallery as a teaser :wink:

I will insert works created also by other users into the gallery in future:


This Blender CAM will be perfect.
Your extension is impressive!
I’m slowly cobbling together a cnc.
And, intend on testing the gcode Blender CAM generates.
Now I need to resolve my win 7 64 bit pc locking up when testing your extension.

your cnc routed panel is awesume

Please continue the Blender CAM project
your efforts are appreciated!