Blender Camera LensFX - interference effect - WIP

Hello, i’m now working on some special effects for blender camera.
There is first wip version of interference effect, what you think about?

It’s really nice.
But what kind of effect are you talking about? I mean, are they postprocessed, plugins or strightly made with the camera?


Ok, there are not used any plugins or postprocessing in other programs, example is rendered in blender.

It’s very simple, there is cube-like object in front of camera with tansparent material with refraction. It works like filter for real camera…

My english is very bad to describe this, so there is example .blend file.

Cool that’s a real nice effect. I looked at the .blend and it was self explanatory on how it works. Quite ingenious really.

No, your english explained it perfectly.
Thanks for the blend. :slight_smile: