blender camera navigation

in maya, i used to add a camera to scene, then change view panel to look through camera. then use normal navigation tools to place camera at right place.
even if auto key is turned on, then at different frames, changing camera via navigation tools start putting keyframes.

just wanted to know, is it possible in blender.
as i hit 0(numpad) key, view changes to camera view. but as i navigate it turns into a perspective view again. is it possible that i keep looking through camera while navigating and if auto key is turned on and i place keys on first frame from translation / rotation. then while navigating it start placing keyframes…??

hope to hear soon, thanks n regards, lala

Split your 3DView into two windows. In one, hit numpad0 to get the camera view. In the other hit numpad7 to get an overhead view. Select your camera and move it in the overhead view, while watching the camera view. If you need to rotate the camera, hit shift+S and select ‘cursor to selection’ to place the 3D cursor at the camera, hit ‘.’ (period) to make the 3D cursor the rotation pivot, then hit R to rotate the camera. If you need to raise or lower the camera, switch to numpad1 or numpad3 and hit G then Z and move the camera up or down. All of this works the same whether you have auto keyframes on or off.

Hope this helps…

ok, thanks, this is what i m already doing. i thought, there might be setting like houdini to tell that don’t toggle view back to persp and use same / current camera for navigation , but thanks anyways