Blender camera not working properly with Voodoo motion tracking


I’m trying to motion track a piece of footage using Voodoo and Blender. I can get a good track using Voodoo, and when using the modeling tools in Voodoo, I can get a primitive to follow the footage properly. However, when I import the control points into Blender, and attempt to render another object in the scene, it’s as if the camera is not moving fast enough to follow the original footage.

The first image I’ve attached shows at frame 1. Notice the placement of the Enterprise in the frame. By frame 50 (the second image), the camera has not moved enough, causing the Enterprise to appear to drift.

What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated!



Does your original video footage and blender project have the same frame rate?


The original footage is NTSC. I’ve tried 24/1.001, 24, 30/1.001 and 30 fps. Unfortunately, it still persists.

Thanks for the suggestions!