Blender Camera Settings Millimeters/Field of View

I have a question concerning the camera setting. You can choose between tweaking the field of view or the mm settings.
I use a 50 mm objective on my canon 6d. The field of view for this lense is at a fixed 46° angle.
So I set up the camera in my scene and set it to 50 mm. when i switsh to field of view it is set to 39,4° which ist more narrow than the angle of my real world objective.
Which settings should i use to fit my real world camera objective?
Any suggestions?

Probably depends on whether it’s measured horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
I’m guessing Blender’s is horizontal and Canon’s is diagonal?

If you want to match a camera be sure to use the appropriate sensor size as well.

Do you use correct sensor size? Fov is a product lf sensor size and focal length. And as organic said, also check which way the fov is measured.

@organic exactly! This was the problem. The angel given by canon referrs to die diagonal. in Blender it ist the horizontal angle.

You can use a calculator for different measures, for example this:

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50mm was the so-called “normal lens” for 35mm film. Some digital cameras use [much] smaller sensors and added additional optics to allow film-camera lenses to continue to be used. (Many photographers had made considerable investments in lenses.)

Earlier versions of Blender didn’t have the camera-settings that we have today, but even then the “default” lens setting corresponded to “normal,” that is to say, “neither wide-angle nor zoom.” Smaller values meant wide-angle; larger values meant zoom. They didn’t try to correspond to physical devices at that time.