Blender camera tracking test

Here is my first blender camera tracking video done in blender… The original video was taken from an old model camera…

Good start, lots of sliding going on… what sort of solve error were you getting for your solve? i think you need more tracks overall to get a better solve.

Yeah, and there’s no camera movement, so after 15-20 tracks you should have a fairly low solve error. I found that tracks that track really well (especially with a non moving camera) will produce a solution with a low solve error…

Thanks for the comments… I think i got 2.55 for the solve error… might be because of the few tracking points, and the old camera i used to take the original. also i only marked a few points only on the paper. will try on further experimenting on tracking, thanks guys for commenting.

2.55 is way too high, try to aim for less then .3… you dont need to track the paper, you have plenty of stuff on your desk you can track (lots of points on the keyboard /edge of the monitor / phone / mouse etc.etc.etc)

Your choice of keyframes can make a difference. Sometimes I’ll get a big solve error, and all I have to do is shift the keyframes over a bit and it drops dramatically.

Steve S