here’s something i made for fun. it’s rendererd with yaf(a)ray, which i find very great and powerful. but i still don’t quite know how to set up proper lighting and materials for GI.
anyway, here it is, the “blender-cam” (for stills only…:D).


yay blender cam!
hey, i’m loving the model and textures. The only thing that really bothers me alot is the lens which is not as reflective and specular as it should be. Fix that up and you got my 5 stars. Now its 4, but i’ll wait for your response.

ya…u need to work on the material…it looks too uniform all over the model, which btw is superb…

good lord man! great modeling!

great modelling…but it would look better if you out some mettal scratches texures using UV mapping

Beautiful, I would buy it, thoumbs up and 5 stars.

Sick ass camera! Nice model, textures could use some work but its only minor tweaks. Good job overall.

thank you all!
i rendered with yaf(a)ray, and i have no experience with it. (never used yafray before). so lighting and materials are still difficult for me. ivam still tweaking around with settings, so i will post an update soon.