Blender can be used for commercial use right? (What about GIMP?)

Blender, GIMP, Audacity, and Ink Scape can be used for commercial use right?
Is there any software that can be downloaded for free that can be used for commercial use that can create music for an animation?


ED team had a pro studio do most of the sound on pro software cuz GPU/GPL stuff just wasn’t up to the task. Don’t know if that’s still the case or not.

Do you know if those softwares I have listed can be used for commercial use, as in can I use them to advertise something or sell something created with those softwares…


Check their licenses. You get a green light for all of the above except Audacity, I don’t know a thing about it. Most free software does give you the go ahead to do just about anything you want to it or with it. Check the license.

Thanks! Do you know of any music creation software that can be used for commercial use?

Re: music software, what OS are you using? Any software under the GPL should allow commercial use.

On Windows I use OpenMPT, which is an old tracker program, but it supports VSTi, sampling, and portamento (and is under the GPL). Actually I use the simple java program MidiSwing which is free for any use, for actual composing. Then I import the midi’s into OpenMPT, where I assign samples or VSTi’s to the notes.

In Linux, well, check out the program list for Ubuntu Studio, it should all be GPL. There’s Jokosher, which aims to be like Garage Band, LMMS which is like Fruity Loops. BEAST, Wired, and so on. Most of these are in early stages and not crash proof–especially LMMS, which I really like but it doesn’t supports slides. (LMMS is not in Ubuntu Studio, by the way.)

As you may have noticed, most of the free software is for Linux, if anyone knows of some other good OS audio programs for Windows, I’d love to hear about them. (I’m months away from switching to Linux)

I use Windows…
And I don’t know if this makes a difference, but I think I heard that GIMP was under something called the <A HREF=“”>GNU Public License</A> agreement…

AARRGG… I can’t get the HTML for the link to work:
This website:

Uhh… there seems to be some major confusion in this thread.

The GNU Public License allows you to use the program freely, for any purpose. Case closed. This applies to Audacity, Gimp, Blender, Inkscape, and many more.

ED team had a pro studio do most of the sound on pro software cuz GPU/GPL stuff just wasn’t up to the task. Don’t know if that’s still the case or not.

No, that is just the personal preference of the musician who was on their team. There is lots of good music production out there. Personally, I love Ardour.

Sorry, my bad:

“I read that at least one proprietary software package, Reaktor, was used for the sound effects. Is this because no equivalent free software solution exists yet? Will future projects have a “free software only” policy?
We’ve limited the “Open Source tools” requirement to our own Studio Orange only. That was what we could keep in control at least, and I can tell you it was not always easy even… :slight_smile:
For sound and music we’ve decided from the beginning to seek an external sponsor. We have chosen to work with the best quality studio and composer we could find, preferably using open source, but not as a prerequisite.
My own competence is solely within the CG [computer graphics, Ed.] side of movie making. When it comes to music editing, or video encoding and DVD authoring, I could only decide to choose to work with external parties with proven competences in that area. I have to be practical in projects like this, especially to ensure it will be realized.
Hopefully, now we’ve got so much attention world wide, we can involve more non-CG open source next time, too. I will definitely strive for the maximum here, but it will fully depend on the amount of professional support we can get.”

To my best knowledge and as stated by others above, all GPL software can be used for any purposes you deem fit. And things like Blender, and GIMP are more than up to the task if they suit your puposes. In fact, I do use GIMP+Inkscape+Scribus for professional print work, so “capability” is really not an issue, it’s more one of suitability and whether you know these software well enough, or are willing to take the time to learn.

As far as music creation is concerned, while I haven’t dabbled in it enough (in spite of wanting too), I always found Psycle ( ) to be a great piece of software. Try it out and see.

Is it released under the GPL (Or can it be used commercially?)…

Read The License When You Download It.

I don’t want to download it unless I know what the liscense agreement is…

i had vista home premium and ditched it for ubuntu (go me!) then just go through all the repositories and there is literally every program under the sun…

also ardour is wot im getting, and coz i used to be on windows i couldnt :frowning:

now im on ubuntu :smiley: ardour here i come…