blender can does it or cannot does it? "OUR METHOD"


i find interessing topic for you and will utily for blender future:


i’m new blender again but i dont know if there is “our method” for blender…so i can get you information COOL ok?

other information COOL:
thank you

You’re new to reading papers as well, it seems.

the our method is called ‘elastic skinning’.

As far as I know Blender doesn’t have specialised skinning modes.

That said it does look pretty cool. The maths though, makes you realise that rigging is not just complicate on the user end o_o

We have a MeshDeform modifier for rigging. Alone it’s not nearly as sophisticated as what is shown in that video.



infactI want to tell you as information COOL and give you a reflection, maybe one of all you will try or SOC 2014 or other future, not sure, i give you information ony ok? thank you

hello all blenderians!! good vacation for summer.

then you have an news about “our method” or “elastic skinning”?

i’m waiting about opensubdiv for blender!!!

then you or all people world can update or feedback to team develop about this particular “our method” or elastic skinning ok?
thanks you!

Is tunjin a bot?

It seems like a combination of lattice deform, laplacian deform, and softbody collisions. The necessary “ingredients” seem to exist already in Blender. If you can figure out a way to combine those so they work together smoothly, I’d suspect you’d be able to get similar results.