Blender can import these controls for facial rigging that my Maya models have?

(José Ramírez) #1

I bought some awesome Maya models and I’ve decided to migrate to Blender.
My question is that I would like to know whether I export them to .fbx format these models will keep all the rigging and animation information like, specially, these facial rigging systems with sliders that allows the CGI artist pose the face to show infinite ans awesome expressions.

I expect that if I can import in the majority of game engines models with animations I will can import them with at least, the rigging and bones for every part of the model except the linking of these controllers and sliders which allow us to pose the eyes, mouth , nose, etc.

Thank you in advance.

(sozap) #2

fbx is made to export an already animated model.
All the rigging mechanics will be lost during export, what is kept is the deformation bones and the shape keys/ facial expressions.
You’ll have to make a new rig in blender if you want to do animation in that software.
It’s logical because bone constraints, drivers even animation system are really software specific and won’t behave the same way in every software.