blender can join audio + video???

how I can join audio to my renders???

blender can do it with the video/sequence editor?

You can’t actually join audio in video files INSIDE blender, but what you can do, is you can downmix (is that the term?) your audio files via sequenze editor and then you can just glue mixed audio file straight into the video file in some external videoeditor.

err, it is MIXDOWN.

it creates a single wav file for the sound sequences you added in the sequece editor

the mixdown button is in the sound buttons, under the scene buttons (the display buttons are under the scene buttons too)

Sure about that it works?

for AVI output I am not sure…I dont even think it is possible, maybe for Gamefiles…but not for AVI, but then I am not really sure %|

It works,

you get a 0001_0250.avi AND a separate 0001_0250.wav

then it is up to you to put them toghether…