Blender cannot detect the installed Python. Please help!!

The hard disk of my Windows XP computer have two partitions, C: drive (Where windows installed) and D: drive. I installed Python in D: drive. When I start Blender, the console window showed “No installed python found.”

Anybody know how to solve this problem?

You may need to set the PYTHONPATH system variable…

Setting the PYTHONPATH system variable does not solve my problem. The console window of Blender showed that Blender is compiled using Python 2.4. But I installed Python 2.5 instead of version 2.4. Do I need to uninstall Python 2.5 and install Python 2.4?

Don’t know if this will help or not, but I read on the official Blender site, (sorry, can’t remember exactly where), that this error message is actually a bug. If you got the bundle with Python included, you should not experience any problems in the modeling environment.

I had the problem that Python24 was aleady installed and Blender was not recognizing after the reinstallation of Window XP. What i did, i installed Python in c:\Python24 directory and then opened Blender.242a. Now it is recognizing…

@ cshong
You should not use Python 2.5 if your Blender build is compiled with 2.4
Try to uninstall 2.5 and use the matching version… that may solve your problem.

Although it is still true that I read this was a bug, I will back up Mariano’s advice, as I was having trouble with Python, as well, but downloaded 2.4 and installed it onto my C: drive, and now I am no longer getting the error! You can download it here:

My problem had been resolved after install Python 2.4. Thanks to everyone who had replied. Thanks for the suggestions. Thank you very much.