Blender cannot handle linked rigs?

I’ve been rebuilding our planned production flow for some projects, and I was using linked rigged characters. Rigs were proxied, of course, but when I moved the rig somewhere else and then moved certain IK bones (targets and poles), the rig behaved as if it was in the original position, i.e. IK limbs pointed to where the targets/poles would be if the rig had never been moved.
I’ve tried moving the rig both as an object and by its root bone in Pose mode, but I get variations of the same issue. Any suggestions?? If this cannot be resolved, I am starting to fear that Blender’s linking feature is going to lose a LOT of its value…and I really, really like linking stuff!

What rig? Can you share a blend?

Yes it can, but the behavior has changed a bit compare to the old versions (blender 2.5 or Blender 2.8 earlier version)

I can share the entire scene, but I’m not sure if the linking is going to come across fine. I still have things to learn about the nitty gritty of it.

I’ll share when I get home (typing on my palmtop right now)!

Is there an overview somewhere to get the basics down quick? I use 2.79 because my favorite laptop is oooold…

Commit logs? or Pablo’s video in Youtube ( blender Youtube channel). i cannot recall much of the changes because i have been avoiding linking rigs ( I m an one man band :wink: )

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A crude scene previz, actually for testing the linked rig. It works here, but check the IK constraint on the legs (shin bones). The IK pole target, KneeIKpole, had to alter their pole rotatio offset multiple times. Also, a location constraint on the sphere that locks it to any bone in the character will screw up… Any insights are greatly treasured! (979.8 KB) Alternate version, removed my clunky fixes on IK and added Location constraint to sphere,for head bone. This should show the problems…

Ok I don’t seem to be able to reproduce the error using 2.83.1. Can you pm the detail of how you are actually linking? The only change I made was to turn on lock object modes on Christopher. Or better yet a video of the issue.

AlleyReturn0540-0620.mkv (413.7 KB)
This video should show the problem. The blue ball (sorry) is actually location copied to Christopher’s head bone, and you can see the knees flip at the start of the clip, because they misinterpret the pole rotation offset. Both seem to simply think that their references (head and kneeIK bones, respectively) are in different, fixed locations. But I have no idea why…

I don’t think it is your linking.
Here is my workflow.

Might want to move your IK bones a little further out from your model in edit mode on your armature.

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Oh wow, a whole tutorial video! That’s really cool, thanks!

I’m using 2.79, but the workflows seem fairly matched, ig I missed something please let me know. I think the problem is that Blender thinks the entire rig is placed in the wrong place, which also explains why the blue ball moves completely differently from the head that it’s meant to be attached to (you can see it flying by). I couldn’t make it work with what you descibed, but maybe it was fixed post-2.79?

Checked 2.79 still no issue. PM me with the files. It’s something in workflow or animation.