blender can't Append or Link

Blender has suddenly decided it doesn’t want to append or link anything from any other files. It doesn’t complain, just the object doesn’t appear in the scene or the Outlier when I click ‘Append’.

I’ve reinstalled, but nothing’s changed. Am running Windows XP.

This is URGENT as I have a great deal of unfinished work to be presented tomorrow morning.

Does anyone know what this might be?

maybe you linked in a group instead of appending it. If that’s the case, you’ll need to add the group first. space>add>group>yourcustom group.

dunno, I’m really tired, but whatever, maybe it’s usefull…

No: nothing can be appended or linked. I’ve tried appending both objects and groups, from the files I’m currently working and from old ones that I can be sure aren’t corrupted.

In any case, if I linked in a group it should show up in the Outliner.

Any ideas? Is it something to do with the paths? What would cause this behaviour?

please show some screenshots

endi: of what? blender hasn’t given me any output. Literally, I’m just using the Append or Link menu as usual, except after I click ‘Append’, the object doesn’t appear.

Update: Like all annoying bugs, this one appears to have vanished without a trace… For some reason I can now append/link fine.

All I did was keep opening old files and try to import things from other old files, in the hope that one of them would overwrite whatever settings had gone wrong.

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Is there anything you did different! I haven’t been able to append anything since I install Blender 2.9 almost 2months ago now.

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Hi, and welcome but the thread is 13 Years old! :slight_smile:

Cheers, mib

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