Blender can't find image texture

Hi,i’m experiencing an issue:I appended this canvas object from another .blend files and then i appended materials and textures too as usual.Now when i apply the material and even if the textures appears in the images list (as shown in the picture) it can’t be found anywhere when i press “open image”,usually it asks me if i want to link it from the original file but not this time;it opens the image search and obviousely the jpegs are nowhere to be found.I had not experienced the problem with the other objects

Was the texture packed into the original blend file?
Do you have the texture file that came with the original blend.
If its packed just unpack it from the File / External Data menu and then just manually apply it in your current blend file.

For more specific help supply the original blend file and the one where you have appended the object (include any textures you may have)

i forgot to add a screenshot,by the way it says “no files to unpack”