Blender Can't find missing FBX textures, what do I do?


So, I downloaded a 3d model from sketchfab and imported it to blender. The format is FBX and the zip file contained 2 folders. One was named source (the actual 3d object) and the other textures. Problem is, that when I open the model in Blender, all the textures are missing. I tried clicking File>>external data>>Find missing files and select the textures folder. But even then, I get an error saying that x or y texture couldn’t be found. I also noticed that for whatever reason the names are slightly different. This model has A LOT of complex textures and I barely know how blender works. S.O.S.

This is the model:

Hi ovic,

Yes, fbx can be tricky sometimes but the important stuff like the UV’s, material slots and material names are present. This will let you match up the textures to the material slots. Most of the time the texture maps aren’t imported so this you need to fix manually.

The reason the material was not appearing when rendered is because the “Alpha” channel was set to 0 (thus transparent). Set it to 1 and you’ll see the default materials (or recreate the Principled BSDF node).

Below is a screenshot of the “Wood_Parts” material that I’ve manually fixed (haven’t done all of them which is why some parts are magenta colored). This can be tweaked to get the look you want. The MixRGB (which is set to multiply) can be used to adjust the AO amount you want to see. The Gamma node adjusts the amount of roughness you want and the Normal Map strength sets how deep you want the grooves to look. Hope this helps.

I’m sure there are other ways to setup these materials which perhaps others can suggest. Always good to learn new tricks.

Cheers and stay safe!