Blender Car Modeling Tutorial

Hi folks,

sice we’re going to make a concept car contest on blendpolis, I’ve decided to write a short car modelling tutorial. So here it is:

Tell me what you think.

One thing: I’m from germany and It seems as if my english isn’t 100 percent, so correct me if you can. Are there some parts of my text where you don’t understand what I mean? Was this tutorial useful for you?

C&C always welcome



That’s a great tutorial! Your English is very good, with only a few rough spots here and there. Certainly as easy to follow as any of the other tutorials I’ve seen. This should be a big help to a lot of the newbies (myself included) who wanted some simple instructions on building car models!

One obvious translation slip is that the STRG key is the CONTROL (“CTRL”) key in english…


Nice tute, somewhat similar to the way I used to model cars (except that you took the time to document it), well more of a combo of my old and new methods :smiley:
only problem I see is on the mirroring part, that can be done cleaner through positioning of the cursor %|