Blender Car Rig - Cliff Demo

Hey everyone!

Here’s a demo video which I worked on for 2.5 months for my latest product, Blender Car Rig.

Rendered with Cycles, all assets were created with Blender. Animated using the Blender Car Rig product, which is available now, just click here.
I welcome every piece of feedback, enjoy!


Environment is breathtaking! :yes:

That could be be an entry in [blender siggraph reel](http://blender siggraph 2016) 2017

I agree with the comments about the environment! Really great. I don’t know much about car rigs so can’t comment on that aspect.

Thanks for that! That’s what I was aiming for :slight_smile:

Awesome! I’ll consider sending it in

This looks great and all, but I would REALLY suggest that you add your Feature Demo video to the thread because currently there’s nothing really demonstrating the rig and its features. Great job on the rig, btw, but people won’t know it until they see the Feature Demo video as well.

Thank you for the advice, done!

Just a quick video to show you what the Blender Car Rig is all about:

Hey everyone, here’s a quick GIF of the WIP photos for this project for those who are interested in seeing how the project developed over time. Hope you enjoy!

the drifts doesn´t look realistic, the bus doesn´t bank enough and most of the time you cannot even see the cars physic. the movies look very good, but i cannot see any reason, why anybody shall buy this. sorry to say it this hard, but if your rig is able to show these things in a realistic way, you presentation doesn´t prove it.

This is just what I needed! Thank you SO MUCH