Blender Carpet Texture/Material Creation?

Here is a Blender test rendering of the beginning shape that will become an 8 foot tall laser tag arena bunker. The final version will have window cutouts around the perimeter. This is precisely scaled from actual Photon laser tag arena blueprints.

Right now I need a good realistic mid-gray carpet texture that will match its real life scale if you were to stand next to it. I could texture it with a simple jpeg image but I also want it to look good when imported into “Unreal Tournament 3” as a material with texture and depth to it. Can anyone give me some recommendation how to proceed?


Have you tried this?

Usually carpets aren’t shiny, so lower the specularity to minimum or very low value as well as hardiness.

you can actually do this w/ procedural textures

Nah, that mesh has no texture yet, just the model shape only.

BTW: if you still lookin for dis:

Thanks! I’ll try it out…

Nah, that mesh has no texture yet, just the model shape only.

I wasn’t referring to that picture you posted, only said a general fact. But if you want to export it somewhere, you should use texture maps, not procedurals. Take some pictures of carpets at you home, desaturate in PS/GIMP, make a bump or normal map of it and it should look nicely.

Hey Ikaros do you have Paint Shop Pro X?
I can explain how to make one in that program.

Yes, my intention is to export many meshes for use as level structures in Unreal Tournament 3. That’s why I need to make good textures with professional quality becasue the game player will be walking right up next to it. I also have Photoshop to help with the creation but I’m thinking of using photographs of real grey carpet as a starting point. I’m not talking about the fluffy kind.

I also will do some architectural type renders with Blender.