Blender carshes when tab is pressed ; (

Hi all, I just installed Blender… and when I press tab to change modes, or use the drop down…Blender disappears. Any thots,

its a pritty strange problem
system specks, os?, version of blender?, using the installer or the zip?

try a older vertion of blender. and if its win dose check for spywere etc

I’ll bet you’re on a laptop with a ati graphics card.

now dont be that mean, and plus graphics card may not even have anything to do with the issue

and plus ATI cards arent that bad, some of my previous (and one current) computer’s have ATI cards and ive personally never had an issue with them nor blender

Try starting blender from commandline and see if you got any output?
(Does that even work on windows? Its been too long since I last used it.)