Blender causes Ddhelp to crash...

(Krabat) #1

After quiting and restarting Blender a few times a get a “Ddhelp Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module Unknown” error. The only thing that helps in this case is a reboot. :frowning:

Has anyone had similar problems and maybe found a solution to it?

Blender Publisher (but happens with Blender 2.23 too)
Mainboard Elitegroup K7S5A
GraCa: ATI Radeon VE 64 DDR (with Catalyst Driver)
DX 8.0 installed


(Ringo7) #2

I think the only thing in common with both versions is the default config file. If they’re both crashing, try deleting the “B.Blend” file from your drive and try launching the program again.