Blender / CG Meetpoint in Vienna


First of all, I think this post is only interesting for you if you live in vienna.

Since a few weeks I always have to think about how great it would be if there would be a place in vienna where Blender user and CG artists can meet, talk about projects and even work together on projects.

Now as a first step to this goal I want to find some interested people who would be willing to pay a bit of money every month to make it possible to run a place like that.
The more people we have the less you’ll have to pay :slight_smile:
So please if you’re interested in such a place tell me and tell all you friends in vienna even if they use 3dsMax… whatever.

I’m sure it is possible with your help.

Now I’ll tell you a bit more about things that come into my mind which would be possible at a place like this.
First of all you can work there on projects as I said already. And if there are people I think everyone will help you if you have some problems.
Also you could provide a projector (maybe I will) and every one will be able to watch their movie projects on a big screen.
You could also start a workshop there and maybe even make money with it if you’re really good at it.
Or if you’re the owner of a great 3D printer, why not share it with everyone who is really interested in 3D stuff.
The same goes with 3D scanner or Render Farms.
Also if you have a computer you could bring it with you there and just let it stay and use it whenever you are there.
You could bring old computers there and start a network render farm system together with other computers.

All of these things and more are possible at such a place.

So please. If you’re living in vienna and you’re interested in it. Tell me and everyone you know here :slight_smile:


-Daniel Kreuter-

Sorry for my bad english. I’m living in vienna too so I’m not a native talker :stuck_out_tongue: