Blender CGI Models Request (Will Pay)

I didn’t know where to post this so forgive me, I’m a new member.

I have a number of Blender models i would like made for me and i will pay if needed. I just need the .blend files, i can animate them my self. Here is a rough list of what i need and you may e-mail me if your interested.

Jurassic Park

Many Dinosaurs from the Jurassic Park Trilogy including T-Rex and Raptors.


Many Ghosts from the films including Stay Puffed, Slimer, Proton Streams, and Trap Beams.


Exoskeletons ECT.

Indiana Jones

Planes, Trains, Tanks, Trucks, Artifacts, and Temples from the Saga.

Saving Private Ryan and/or WW2

Models ect.

Email me if your interested at [email protected]


may we ask what this is for?

and will fulfill all your needs.

Hey thanks for coming here for model meshes. I’m a bit tied up at the moment otherwise I’d start blendering straight away. But I wish you good luck with your project and I am sure you will find your models here!

EDIT: West Side Rocks!

Fan Films and personal use(practice and ect.)

Aren’t there some copyright issues with your requests?

ah no - when somebody modeled those I think they can also sell them as long as they are not a 1:1 copy as far as I am right - but I might be wrong.

Fan films are fan films: make a real good one and you’ll start getting into trouble. LOL

When you say that you’ll animate them, does that mean that you will rig them too ?


Rig them? I’m a such a newb lol.

oh cool!
i happen to have a terminator model and i just made a dinosaur

is this the kind of thing you’re looking for?

you should talk to Jeepster :smiley: I really liked his a terminator skeleton
-and pay him well - he put alot of work into it ! :smiley:

edit : wow, and Jeepster already posted!

I would suggest that you buy the Big Buck Bunny DVD. It comes with all the files for the characters, ready to animate, as well as some tutorials. It would also be considerably cheaper than the list you requested and you’re likely to get much more help from the Blender community, if you’re working on a fan film project that, originated from the Blender community.

Yes, lets hope you can become a new user. All the best and good luck.

Sounds like you might be getting a bit ahead of yourself by buying models from people when you don’t know the basics of the art.

But hey, whatever works for you.

I sense another movie making fun of other movies the world does not need.
And with his Jingle he´s already on thin legal ice:

Now this is a really hard call and I don’t think you will know unless you go to court. But in general the copyright holder has the right on his stuff and any derivitive based upon his stuff. So if you go with a franchise like Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park you will have trouble selling this stuff as you are not the creator of the original. As long as you don’t sell em you should be fine because of "fair use " but once it becomes commercial you’ll run into tons of problems. Now to make matters worth most of the above mentioned movies are actually trade marked as well so even if you do not violate copyright and distribution laws you will definetly violate the trademark. So be prepared for counter measures…

IANAL and you shouldn’t take stuff for real that some guy said on the internet

Using Jurassic Park as an example: dinosaurs are not copyrighted or trademarked. You can make and sell T-rex models all day long without any problems. The only place your going to run into problems is if you start putting Jurassic Park logos on them, start ripping stuff out of existing games/movies/etc, or refer to them as Jurassic Park content. Same goes for robots, ghosts, and ancient temples hidden in the jungle.

Yes that is true. Although with robots I would be carefull if they have a trademark on them cause if they look to similar to a allready made product you are going to run into trademark violations. Dinosaurs alwas look the way they do so that shouldn’t be a problem trademark wise.

I agree. The robots and the specific ghost related special effects are two things I would be very careful about. Also, for the specific of decorations in any lost jungle temple,
I would take care not to look at any “references” while working on it…just to be sure that nothing too specific is carried over.

You can make whatever fan film you want as long as it’s non-profit. You guys didn’t know?

If these guy’s haven’t got sued why would i?

I’m on solid ground lol.