Blender Challenges

I have used blender for some time. I find that modeling is extremely difficult for me. I was wondering is it just me. I believe modeling has the steepest learning curve.

I do not know what I’m best at but I think it is modeling . Something complicated as a human is just to much time to do from scratch. What kind of art did you have before Blender?
Colors has always been my problem. On canvas I could never get the color accent ( I know just add a little of a color that is the third in the primary colors ( a little muck) ) I always assume that has followed me to computer graphics.
Sometimes I finish a model then go to another just cause its my favorite job.
that’s my 2 cents

The question is not what is the hardest, but where does my talent lie. I find creating good textures the hardest part. For lighting I just use my default setup (as I only do simple stuff), Rendering is just trying some settings out until you get it right. Then there is the whole range that do not touch (fancy animation, character modeling, sculpting,…)

I find modeling quiet easy once you get used to it.
I think texturing is really hard or it’s just me.

But yeah it just takes patience and practice.