Blender changing the color of dress when imported from Marvelous Designer

Is there a setting to stop Blender 2.8 from superseding texture and color settings?

Blender is on default settinigs except for camera.

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…yeah… I mean, is it really possible to export material settings that are readable for “whatever” render-engine you use inside Blender? I think it’s best to export as blank and then create materials inside Blender.

Maybe you could tell us what exactly you are exporting your file as… looks to me like you are exporting as OBJ … since FBX imports do give Specular 1-1… as far as my membrane still assembles…

I am having a view issue. I don’t know how to see all my work up to date (if that make sense). I watched a tut and he had icons in the top right of his viewport/point. I have none right now. I did go with texture inside Blender. I really like that feature, since MD has a fabric properties bug. I know Blender applied the satin because 3D tab shows it correctly. 90% of my problems are WHERE DOES THAT TOOL LIVE???!!? I don’t give up. I’m slow but persistent.

I’m learning how to import my custom content into Sims 4. This is my first time going beyond photoshop copy paste. Using other peoples stuff is great, but inferior. Not to be rude!!

This beautiful soul has provided an amazing guide: which states to export/import as object.