Blender Character Animation in Contests

Sometimes it seems that the land of Blender
is mainly an isolated community that sticks to
itself. That’s why it’s always rewarding to see
Blenderheads go out and compete along side the
users of big, expensive packages, and it’s doubly
rewarding when the Blender entries place well. I’ve
compiled a list of all of the Blender-made character
animation contest entries I could find in the 2 contests
that I like to follow: IRTC Animation and the
10 Second Club. Here is a list of what the
Blenderfolk have been doing:


April 2002(Unnecesarily Complicated Objects)

Ian Print (Honorable mention)
Jacob “WeirdHat” Kafka
Daniel A. O’Neil (non-character animation)

January 2002(Force)

Simon Klaebe (Honorable mention)
Jacob “WeirdHat” Kafka
Simon Klaebe
Lou Bruce
Mark “ScottishPig” Burger(non-character animation)

October 2001(Construction)

Chris “imgranpaboy/blengine/masta” Plush (Second Place)
Lou Bruce (Third Place)

July 2001(Transformation)

Chris “imgranpaboy/blengine/masta” Plush

April 2001(Slow Motion)

Ian Print (Third Place)
Lou Bruce

January 2001(Persuit/Escape)

Lou Bruce

10 Second Club

March 2002 (Dan Akyroyd)

Lyubomir Kovachev
Brian “RenderedBrian” Innes
Stefan “sgefant” Gartner
Michael W. Cuffe

February 2002 (Homer Simpson)

Chris “Hos” Want
Jacob “WeirdHat” Kafka
Phillip “Paryl” Ryals

January 2002 (John Cleese)

Chris “Hos” Want
Lyubomir Kovachev
Scott “BlueFoot” Blaufuss

December 2001 (Mark Wahlburg)

Lyubomir Kovachev (Winner)

Please let me know if I’ve missed anything or gotten any
details wrong. I hope to add to this list as future contest
rounds complete (ahh, the magic of the edit button!).


the link for mark w. doesn’t seem to work for my comp.

All the 10sec club links are dead

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