Blender Character Flying Away



My blender character is flying away and I don’t know why! My rig is set to “No Collision” and my mesh is set to “Character.” When I set my mesh to dynamic, it just sits there! Help!!

Here is my file: Character.blend (572.9 KB)


The first pic is of my rig, and the second is of my mesh

(ruslan k) #3

this seems to be related to blender game engine. you may not find your answer here.

there is a special dedicated section in the forum, try posting the question there.
also your problem is very unclear. provide more details, attaching a blend file could be helpful as well.


ok thanks!

(- Click for resources) #5

armature = no collsion
char mesh = no collision
bounding box = dynamic/character

should work, else you have done something wrong.


I was going to try a bounding box, but even the animation set-up is glitching. You can check that in the file.

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works as you intended here, nothing flies away, just a character getting in trouble with 2 animations.

but you should always use a bounding box and not the mesh of the character.

charachter mesh parented to armature, armature parented to bounding box. al movement on boundingbox, all animations on armature.

animations on different layers so they won’t activate the same time (if it’s not needed)


That worked! Thanks millions!