Blender Character Rigging with Armatures

Hey guys, i’m new here and I need some help with my rig. For some reason
my leg rig has some awkward movements even after I set the
locked tracked constraint to the Z-axis. I’ve tried all i know if you think you can solve it
by all means please :
Here is a link to the you tube video ::

It looks like the upper part of the leg isn’t set properly to track to the knee controller bone. I’d take a close look at that and if you can’t see a problem try posting a .blend file here.

Sure but how do you upload stuff on this place ?

Hey man I managed to know how to upload files.
So here is my rig, I tried taking a closer look at the rig and in the process I somehow managed to solve the problem BUT again it isn’t well tracked. I can’t see any problem. Maybe you can take a look at it.


Human Character export.blend (164 KB)

The locked track coordinate axis for Upper_Leg.L are wrong. Try with

To: Y
Lock: X

You find these freeing the rotation and location (it seems you need to do it in this order, otherwise the bone jumped to a new position) of the Upper_Leg bone, and watching the arrows of your 3d manipulator tool (Orientation “Normal” selected.) The green axis is the Y-axis, and it should be trying to point to the Knee helper bone, and the red axis is the X-axis, which is the rotation axis you want to lock the rotation around.

Thank you so much. I tried doing stuff but it didn’t work. Thank you so much.
I didn’t understand much of what you said ( the technical stuff ) but thanks alot.
THANK YOU so much.