Blender Chinese text?

So, I hear it can not be done as of yet. What I want to know is, are there any plugins or scripts that allow it? Or has any one figured out how to do it?

I have tried pasting from a text file and changing the font but all I get is junk symbols.

You can do it.

Just create your characters in Illustrator or Inkscape.
Export those characters as SVG file.
Import the SVG and you are ready to go.

This approach does not allow you to change your text on-the-fly in Blender, but if you have your copy locked in then this technique works well. Just think of it as a logo.

Thanks :slight_smile: I will use that method for now.
Still crossing my fingers that it will be supported in a future update

mmh … found something that looks like
what i think is some kind of chinese …
( ? ggg*)


well i read in last meeting notes
that someone is working on a chinese font set


“Question; is our (chinese) UI translation GSoC project ready for 2.60?”

so i think this will be added soon in 2.6 may be!

but how do you use chinese font
i mean i think there is over 10 000 characters like full Japanese font

unless you have a special keyboard?

happy 2.6

Pretty much I use pinyin to type (e.g. I love you = wo ai ni = 我愛妳).
Normally I would press Ctrl+Space or Ctrl then shift to change my typing mode, but even though my language bar says Chinese, blender still types in English.

Here is a site with a few different Chinese fonts

it’s possible that font are not totaly working in 2.5 yet

did you do a test in 2.49 to see if it works ok ?

happy 2.5

then this is
I love you

and dont blame me if its not.

If you need such special chars very often, you should write them down in a py-script
to do easy cut+paste and to set the text-body of the font-object to such a (in blender text-editor invisible) text.

btw. like the screenshot shows, the ttf-font is taken from the link you noted …


Ah, great!
Thanks test-dr!
Yes thats correct =)
I will give it a go now!