Blender cinema

I played around with the game video texture feature and have decided to create a virtual cinema. I have started to block it out already. This is in the very early stages, as you can see you’ll have the best seat in the house. Right now it looks rather empty but there will be a bunch of chairs on the bottom floor. Some beautiful lamps in the ceiling, I thought of placing a nice big chair that will have a good view of the whole screen on the balcony, when you sit in it you’ll not be able to move around except looking around of course. At the back of the balcony there is a tunnel that will lead to an elevator that will take you down to the seats below if you prefer to sit down there.

I thought that since this scene is rather static that the textures could be baked, then you would get a very nice cycles rendered scene. In other words it will look very realistic. When you’re sitting in the chair on the balcony you’ll be able to access a menu with the click of a button and you’ll be able to switch between movie clips to watch, pause the video or restart it. Right at this moment you can’t load different videos from inside the game, that’s because I’m not a programmer. If some programmer would want to help me out with how to load videos from inside the game I would appreciate it. Meanwhile I’ll be working on creating the assets and making the cinema look nice.

When this cinema is done I plan to share it with you guys and we’ll all be able to watch our latest pirated movies in a virtual cinema. (kidding) :wink:

Here is the cinema in it’s very early stages, the recording is making it lag, if you want to join this project let me know.

If you walk up to the elevator and press space it goes down, if you click space again it goes up, but if you then press space again it glitches for some reason. Anyone mind having a look and telling me why it’s not working?


DynamicTextureDemo.blend (134 KB)

It doesn’t work at all for me. All I can do is move the camera around when I start the game.

You move with wasd, unfortunately I tried to watch a whole movie in this cinema and the audio and movie would unsynch at about 15 min into the clip. So as cool as this would be, I don’t think the blender game engine is capable of doing this without lag or audio problems. I also tried to play a high resolution movie and the lag was intense. So I think I’ll abandon this little project, it would be easy enough to do but blender can’t do it.

I leave you with a rock concert clip. :slight_smile: