Blender & Civ4

Ok I’ve been looking for mods for Civ4,now I’m trying to make a few, but well I found out that Blender is used to mod Civ4,also one of the mod languages is python, anyway you have to get a script to export/import the files to the right format,“nif” is the format, Right now I’m working on a Dune mod for Civ4 and I’m using Blender to make the models,just need to figure out how to use another program I got for modding,nifveiw if any one knows a good tut plz help, Any way heres a link to the modding site if anyone is interested in Civ4.
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I tried that for a while. I gave up.

NeOmega --> He’s really good at this stuff.

I gave up too… sorry. real life probs.

There’s a NIF exporter for Blender- I use it to mod Morrowind (another nif model based game). You can find it here:

Eh. Sorry Neo! Wow, that’s more proof at Sid’s failure with this one…

Hmm well the hardest thing is getting your stuff back into the game…Only if I could make skins…I think its just as much work modding a game as it is to create one AHHHHH!!!..anyway Civ4 has shown me one thing a low poly game can still make it in the market!!!..most of the unit models are below 1000 polys…only the leaders are above that like 3000-4000 thousand…mainly in the face…hmm so if/when blender gets the OGRE plugin we,the blender community, could possibly make our own Civ…just a lot and I mean a LOT! of work…for an individual…only if I had a team of 20 or so Blender heads…

somebody in OGRE is working on a similar game.