Blender classes in National School of Architecture in France: 2.53 or 2.49 ?

For the third time, I will teach Blender for 5 days to 5fth year students in National School of Architecture in Grenoble, France, from September 13th to September 17th.
I think I will teach Blender 2.53, as I already did this year (2.52 in fact) to design student, for them not to have to learn again many things.
In fact, I find 2.53 very usable now, the missing features are not so important for beginners, and they find it easier to start with.

But I still would like the advices or comments of other blender users/teachers around.

Thanks a lot for your answers.

amazing. Just notice that 2.53 got no bevel. OTOH, got for the more polished interface… first impression is what counts.

Guess cekuhnen may give better advice…

amazing. Just notice that 2.53 got no bevel.

where have you been lately? :smiley: EDIT: ah, in a cave I see…

Go for 2.53, so at the same time you can teach them how to use some amazing add-ons… like the bevel :wink:

And as predicted here I am.

Thanks Namekuseijin for the introduction :wink:


well going to a former version would not make so much sense because Blender still changes a lit.
So I would go with 2.53.

Well Sago cleared the Bevel thing.

Another thing to maybe consider are Yafaray exporter for 2.53 or at least note it to them
so they can look into it on their own.

Forget about 2.49 - 2.5x is so much better and the student should and would respond to it much better.
I highly agree here with Namekuseijin. The interface is so much better, has for example a smart background option for swapping out background images when you switch views, the search menu is very similar to what AutoCAD nerds do
and logic wise the new interface just makes sense.

2.49 not so much.

Thanks all for your replies.
It seems everybody (at least all the ones I talked too :smiley: ) agree on the fact the 2.5x is the best choice. That’s a good thing to see the devs go the right way.
For me as a long time user of Blender, it’s not so easy to feel how much better is the new interface perceived, I was so used to the old one, even if I really prefer the new one.
But the feedback of beginners I had is impressive, for them this change is very very important.

I would have to say that when I started working with Blender, and adding it into my pipeline of commercial software, it wasn’t very fun to learn in the 2.4x days, however when the 2.5x builds started my Blender use increased greatly as the learning curve for the UI was significantly reduced. Now I use Blender as my primary app since it is easy and fun to use. I still use the other apps for rendering and modeling tools that Blender lacks for some projects, but for the most part Blender has stepped up in many many ways for me, and it all came down to the UI.


I can only tell you that the 2.4 scared people and 2.5 makes people feel more comfortable
when I teach them Blender.

If they hate the interface and something goes wrong with Blender they start even more
blaming it.

That is because of the Aesthetic Usability Effect

the 2.5 interface also makes more sense and works more logical.
For example the texture and material system is finally usable.

Modifiers have their own tap.
The modeling tools are cleaned up.

I was more considering this because from a usability standpoint
this makes a great impact.