Blender Cleanup

The Orphan data cleanup function in the File menu required multiple tries and left 1 persistent .001 file. Is this a bug?

This material db doesn’t have any F or 0 and claims 2 users.
How do I permanently remove persistant orphans data?

Mac Big Sur and 2.92

Maybe the material is still in the one of the material slots of an object that uses a different material. It will count as a user even if it is not actually assigned to any vertexes.
Edit: One way to find the culprits if it is a complex scene is to create a new object and assign it that .001 material. Select it, then go to select-linked-material and it will select all objects that have that material in its slots. You can then isolate them with the slash key.

Sorry, what do you mean by isolate it?

When you hit the num pad slash key only the selected objects are shown, so if you follow the steps I said you will only see the users of your .001 material. To go back to normal and see all the objects hit the slash key again.
Note before you start make sure you have no hidden objects object-show/hide-show hidden objects.

Wow! Thanks a lot!