Blender client-server application

Hi all,

First of all, sorry , my English is not that good.

I never used Blender before…i need to know where to start to achieve the following:

a 3D application that can store informations users enter by clicking objects in the scene. I want to use sqlite or mysql as DB. These data are frequently updated and can affect some objects properties like color…Is this possible using python / Blender or do i need to choose another solution (C++, Autocad …) ?

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You could use Blender for visualization / user interaction, and with python it should be possible to even use a database like sqlite or mysql - but not sure if the required modules are included in blender’s own python dist.

Anyway, you need to give us more information about what this is actually for / how this would be used.

Thanks for the reply

I already tested Sqlite and some of MySQL packages proposed to use with python, but i’m still not sure if Blender is the best choice…my application consists of a list of objects scattered in the office (floors and shelves ). Users want to know the exact position of every single object, to have an idea about objects history (previous changes and updates) , should have the possibility to give objects a new state which means a specific color … i have also to generate periodical reports and statistics. It will be very nice if all this is accessible via the Intranet.
So, what do you think ?

Many thanks !

Sounds really like a job for a web-application!
HTML (5), CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, maybe WebGL if you really need 3D visualization.


  • If you got internet, you also got a browser (hopefully pretty up-to-date)
  • Users are familiar with browsers
  • No installation
  • Accessible via internet (by design / due to usage of web technologies)
  • Common languages / open standards
  • Even possible for commercial use without any license fees (use PostgreSQL instead of MySQL for instance)
  • Easy integration of 2d graphics etc. (most simple: HTML <img>; dynamical: server-side generated gfx e.g. with PHP, or client-side with Canvas / WebGL)
  • There are probably a lot PHP/SQL based frameworks for report generation / statistics if you don’t wanna start from scratch

Ok, thanks a lot.
It’s just that WebGL has limitations on shades and textures and a friend of mine already began the 3D conception using Blender…anyway, i’m going to dig deeper in your proposition and will re contact you asap.

Thank you again !

well, do you really need 3d? interactive 2d can be pretty sufficient, or render 3d objects to 2d images? WebGL can do a lot, but is a really new technique and only supported in very modern browsers, so you would raise the bar in terms of required browser.

Hi @CoDEmanX,

I think i’m still going to try the 3D with Blender/Python … one last question please: have you any documentation about using python in Blender to achieve what i described above ? i found the official one but it’s just a listing of all classes and packages without any detailed description or how-to …


There are some introducing docs on the official page, see everything under “Blender/Python Documentation” headline!

Also relevant (for information storing):

In Blender, may find some python templates in the Scripting view, Text editor, menu “Templates” > “Python”
If you don’t wanna use the default viewport selection, you may be interested into the Raycast template.

You need to give us more information what you want to achieve exactly , both blender and python are extremely capable tools but knowing how to do something is always tricky and depends on the exact needs. Also there are many ways to achieve something.