Blender closes the actual program after pressing P or Esc

Happy New Year Blender-gurus,

I’ve noticed that when I render an animation or two, and then go to use the blender game engine to test my game, sometimes Blender will close without warning. Does this mean my Cpu is wrecked now from rendering?

The game engine never acted up this way until after I rendered an animation.

Please help.

Thank you very much,

Which renderer ?
GPU or CPU rendering ?
Blender version ?
What type of scene ? Simple/complex, default scene ?

YO! This happened to me too with version 2.75, so posted it on that dev site with the horribley strange ui, but people were confused for some reason.

got me so frustrated! so i just started using 2.70 again…

Its a bug.

My wild guess would be the memory gets clogged with the rendering and then doesn’t have enough to run the game engine

I’d also think a ram problem. How much ram has your computer got?

Thank you everyone for replying!

@Richard Marklew I used the Internal renderer with CPU. The scene was pretty simple, with no reflections. I rendered the animation for an hour straight, with version 2.75

@1000h Yes, I could try that. But this has happened to me before a few years ago.

@Akira_San Ah, do you think the devs might fix it soon?

@Thatimster I see. Is there a way to “clear” the rendering memory?

@sdfgeoff It has 4100 MB of RAM.

Happy holidays!

Try a build bot version.

Hi, I’m not sure (can’t affirm this without a .blend) but if you have armatures, it could be linked to (waiting for devs to review the patch…) (could be 2 different bugs, 1 while pressing P and another while exiting the bge :slight_smile: )

I have 8 gigs of ram so it definitely aint a ram problem, and the game i am rendering hardly uses any polys so its definitely not a render thing either