Blender closes when I work with drivers

I scaled the bones and want to control this scaling with one slider, so i use driver. How comes that blender closes every now and then when i work with them. I have to save after every bone to prevent this.

if you open blender via the console, if there is any failing driver script, there you should be able to read some related error reports.

I am talking about the drivers that link two values together. Not softwaredrivers.

This is not a phenomenon I have ever experienced, what version of Blender are you using, which operating system and can you post the blend file please.

Cheers, Clock.

are you talking about driving some parameters of an object through some parameters of another (e.g. a bone), aren’t you?
Then opening blender via the console you can get possible warnings and error messages.

Well it just says Dependency detected over and over again. That’s all.

when blender inadvertently closes, aren’t there any tracebacks or error reports?

No nothing.

just a shot in the dark, there could be a division by zero in a driver scripted expression, somewhere.
(to be exact, a division by a variable which sometime can be zero).

Otherwise, you should try and disable every driver and see if the error persists.

However the report you posted does not show any blender crash, it doesn’t help.

That would mean there is always a division by zero in Blender because it happens always, no matter what. It’s a general problem. What shall i post instead?

Maybe post a .blend file. That’s always a good start.

better you post a blender file for testing, perhaps also showing the console report at crash time could be enough for someone for a diagnosis, or even the blender.crash.txt that gets saved in the temp folder ( not for me).

A blende file for testing is not neccessary because you can reproduce it yourself. Simply make a rig, scale the bones and then dreate a driver that controls all bones scale from the endvalue to the defaults. I don’t get a crash txt. And there is no console report. Blender just closes.

it actually seems like a long work to do, and your instructions are not clear at all:
how can you affect all bones by a single driver? Each bone needs its own driver.
And what do you mean with endvalue and with defaults?
How can you think that what works (or does not) for a rig must work (or not) for another one?
At least you could show us how you did it.

You should definitely have a crash.txt, maybe you did not look for it enough.

Your answer is right here. A dependency cycle is no bueno. You’re getting a feedback loop.
Whatever object you are using as the driver needs to be completely impartial to the effect of whatever it’s driving. If, for example, your slider object is the child of a bone it’s scaling, then moving the slider will scale the bone, which will move the slider, which will scale the bone, which… you get the idea. Keep the driver outside of the loop.

And where should i put the driver? The loop works but if this causes the closings…
Shall I make a cube where i put the slider?

Okay, i meant one slider is affecting all bones through drivers. Endvalue is the value that the bone has when it’s altered. For example 1.500 of scale. The default value is 1.000. I set the slider for the driver and use a generator to y=1.500 + -0.500 =x.
In the Temp folder are just lots of blend files and empty folders.

I hope you understand that debugging your file through another file made by another person without ever looking at the yours is a nonsense; from the report you posted I can guess that several objects and at least two armatures are involved, but you did not even mention that.

Are you aware that, if the order of the polynomial is 1, when x = 0.75, then y = 0.0, and for larger values y becomes negative? Do you really want that? Otherwise you should restrict the imput by a Limits modifier.

And you always talk about a given driver affecting a given bone, but there must be three drivers for each bone, for x, y and z.

Actually without the file I cannot guess what really happens, and I’m not certain whether I could do that even having the file.

Okay let’s see if I understand. I did not mention that several objects and two armatures exist because they are not causing the issue. The problem is apparently that i had a dependency loop, which cgCody saw through the console. I put all sliders on a cube and it appears that the issue is solved but i need to work a little longer on my model to confirm that.

I use 1 driver for the bone. The y-axis, because that’s the only value i change.

How do you get 0.75? If y is 1.5 and x is -0.5 then the slider on 0 will have the value 1.5 and on 1 the value is on 1.

my mistake sorry, the value should be 3, but I suppose you limit the property in the range (0, 1).
Then at last you found the culprit, I’m glad of that.