Blender closes when im selecting vertices after joining object

so im currently making 3d character on 3.1, everything went smooth til i join the body and leg parts, the program got a bit laggy and when i try to select some vertices the program close itself. been doing it several times and it still close itself.

any solution ?

Could you share the .blend file and show the exact operation that closes Blender?

What is the amount of system RAM on your machine?
This sounds like an excessive RAM usage issue, which may be a Blender malfunction that might be worth reporting.

hello, thanks for responding
here’s the file

i use asus TUF FX504GE laptop with 16gb RAM

the steps are went to wireframe, changing the sub-surf to simple, and then selecting the knee parts vertices and the blender close right there.

it works fine with other program opened, it happens just after i join the leg and body parts

Please, you report this.
You open Blender, then from the “Help” menu you select “Report a bug”. You need to have an account on the bug tracker.
This seems to be a problem with GPU subdivision. You will need to share the .blend file with developers.

Meanwhile you can disable GPU subdivision from Preferences → Viewport → Subdivision

But please, you report the problem.

yoo, it doesn’t close when i disable the gpu subdivision
thanks for letting me know & responding, im gonna report this.

have a good day!

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The problem doesn’t seem to appear in Blender 3.2.0 Alpha with GPU subdivision enabled (I hope that in 3.1.1 Release Candidate neither).
You check for yourself:

Anyway it doesn’t matter if it’s already too late and you already reported the problem.

Hmm, actually the problem still exists in Blender 3.2 too, I just forgot to do the test in wireframe view