Blender closing, no error screen, no crash reports. ubuntu 11.10

hiya, ive searched the internet untill my finger nearly fell off but havnt found an answer, i do alot of modelling in blender 2-3 models per day, i recently switched from 11.04 to 11.10, i never had any problems before, but now i cant just revert back to 11.04 :L

so onto the problem, i’ll be working on a model, making nice progress, assign a new material, check how it looks in preview, switch back to solid, select another object to start assigning materials, but blender closes, no explanation, no error screens or crash reports, nothing…

that is just a basic scenario of what i do, and thats when it happens most, but other times it will just close, but always when i click on an object.
please help me im stuck in a rut and dont know what to do.

this thread has had some views but still no reply, so im going to upload a video to help demonstrate what i mean, hopefully this will help clarify.