Blender closing unexpectedly

Hello all, I’m hoping somebody can throw some light on a problem I am having, as the title says, and suggest where I should be looking : I installed Mint 12 to run Blender 2.61. but Blender will shut down without warning, seemingly at no particular point, sometimes running for an hour or more, other times lasting only a couple of minutes. I then tried 2.61 on Mint Debian, followed by windows xp, same result. I then tried 2.63 on the same systems, same result, (all of the above on the same M/c). I then tried 2.63 on a laptop running XP, same result.
The Machine for the above is an Asus with AMD dual core processor, 2Gb mem. 350 Gb drive onboard ATI graphics. HDMI display.
Any help will be greatly appreciated, Thanks

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