Blender closing while rendering

Hello friends,
got a weird issue with blender

I`m on win10 Pro , 64gbram, Ssd, Nvidia3090 and Ryzen 9 5950.

Using blender 2.91 I had this weird issue with blender shutting down with no error messages while rendering. I tried 2.83lts getting the same issue, and then, finally, got 500 frames rendered without issues on the 2.93 alpha. Now, on a slightly different project ( changed the camera angle)
blender is again shutting down after a couple frames.

I checked the ram usage while rendering and I can`t see any problems there, is that a known issue?
I updated all the drivers and stuff for both cpu, mobo and gpu.

Any workaround?


Hi. Blender should not close. Make sure you have the latest nvidia drivers installed, and make sure you are not using any overclocking applications. Then you try here Blender version labeled as 2.92.0 beta:

If the problem still persists, you report the problem:

Once you register to that site and you log in to it, you can report the problem by opening Blender 2.92 beta, and from Help menu > Report a bug. You keep in mind that in the reports it is necessary that you share a. blend file where you can reproduce the problem.