Blender Cloth integration

A few months ago I read an Article at blendernation about integrate a cloth module into Blender. It is quiet now around this Project. Does anybody know something about this or generally about a cloth integration into blender

I’m not sure but it could be in the current CVS.
Check the forum on for testbuilds.

It isn’t there -at least not the current CVS -I’d like to know what’s happening with that Cloth Project too. I was really looking forward to it.

I’ll try and locate the link if I can. Okay, I did some digging -This is the link to the development page:
And, it actually looks like there is a patch available for the current CVS, although the page could simply be out of date. The patch is here:

I’m not sure exactly what’s going on with it currently -last I checked, this page hadn’t been updated for a couple months, but I’ll try out the patch and see what stage the projects at.

I downloaded the version of blender with the cloth modifier about a month ago, but I never actually got it working. I know it was working, cuz thats were the examples on the page came from, but the interface was not friendly and there weren’t presets and it didn’t work how I expected on the first try… so I quit. I figured I’d wait for the release, or at least wait til I really needed it. But yeah, there is a version of blender out there with the “cloth” modifier, though It wasn’t official CVS as far as I know

cloth has been delayed and will probably not make it for the next release

Damn, that’s a pity. It would have been really useful in a lot of my projects. Oh well, I guess I have to use the softbody, the Orange team made great things with it so why shouldn’t I be able to do it too?

Was it officially announced as being delayed somewhere?
It would be nice to know the details of when this project may continue again.

I was hoping that it would be completed for the upcoming release in December so I could use it, but if it’s delayed, I guess Softobodies are my only option -Maybe a combination of lattices and armature rigging would make certain aspects faster or easier to control? I’ll have to try some stuff out I guess.

we all hope the project will contiue soon

see ->

however recent rants say we have to wait a little longer

Cloth would be useful, but thankfully softbodies have been improved with things like rigidity and self collison so using that will have to do.

I hate to say this, but there is no release planned in Dec. Think March or so.

Really, I thought I heard something about December from Ton on the Blender Conference Videos.

I hate to say this, but there is no release planned in Dec. Think March or so.

The next release is planned for mid-december, although I suspect we might slip to end of december or early january.

See the release schedule in the meeting minutes for details.


Thanks Tom, yeah I checked it AFTER I posted:) . But in fact, I thought it was YOU who said that it would be 6-8 months (I vaguely remember that in a post a few weeks ago, or maybe it was joeri, who ALWAYS doubts anyone can get anything done on time:) .

It appears that cloth will be delayed.

I hope these guys the best to be able to keep the project in motion… (頑張ってね=Ganbatte!!=Do the best you can):smiley:

Hi guys!

I am on of the cloth modifier developer.
I had some medical issues with my hands so i couldn’t code on. I am about to start little coding and stay in contact with Erwin who coded the great Bullet library (to use it as collision library).

In the meantime we can thank bjornmose for advancing softbodies to a really great level.
His work is amazing - check his demos out! :slight_smile:
Since bjornmose would be the person to check the cloth patch and i/we don’t want to rush anything, I think the best solution is to post patch updates. So 2.44 is a good target . I postet also some new image on the clothmodifier site in the which demonstrates the actual development state.

Greetings so far!

Good to know that you are back gensher!

Personally, I can live with it missing the next release though it is a shame (obviously). As long as development hasn’t come to a complete halt and there are testing builds available with the modifier, I am happy. Keep up the good work!

One of the great thing about Blender is the compatibility between all versions and builds. Often I use an experimental feature in a testing build and continue work in a stable release.


Hey, what was wrong with your hands? A friend of mine got carpal tunnel syndrome from typing too much, so don’t push too hard or anything. : P

Anyway, I just appreciate you people for trying to make the cloth simulator, and, while I have all faith you’ll succeed, there’s no need to rush it.

What are you talking about? I downloaded the November CVS and it’s got self-collision with softbodies. Are you all talking about some kind of from-scratch brand new cloth engine?

Yes, we’re talking about the Cloth Modifier for the Modifier Stack.

Sorry if this might sound stupid…but what is a cloth modifier. Its something about cloth (i can guess), but what is it able to, which softbodies isn’t :confused:, can someone please write some differences.
It sounds cool however :slight_smile:

Edit: If people havent seen this, its an update on the softbody, watch the incredible movie!