Blender Cloth Simulator

I have always Disliked the Cloth Simulator. Most of the Time (with me at least) the Cloth gets a Odd Response to Collusion and takes Ages to bake.:mad:
Marvelous Designer 3d however in REAL TIME get this::eek::eek:

I would “Kill” for Blender to get a Cloth Simulator like this

Yeah, they do definitely do it right. That’s what you get when you spend years working only on cloth simulation. :wink:

Marvelous Designer is indeed amazing at what it does. I do however doubt that any other 3D software gets anything like that soon. As Indy_logic said, they have spent years focusing solely on cloth simulation.

Marvelous Designer 3d however in REAL TIME get this

Did you actually use the software? It’s not real-time, albeit faster than what’s in Blender at the moment.

I don’t know, the last video shows some pretty impressive real-time interaction. That’s what makes it to amazing. I’m sure the full simulation is not real-time but the way you can interactively see the changes on the model as you make changes in the pattern is the real-time nature that matters.

whatever they use we can’t probably implement, and to get to that level would take years.

IMO the most viable way, now thanks to @sergof and his Google Summer Of Code '12 project, Bullet Physics integration. He and other need more GSoC projects and integrate Bullet even more. Softbodies, and Bullet has an emerging Cloth Sim.

So, hopefully we can see someone start exploring Bullet + Blender and get on track with the Cloth sim part.

Here’s someone running Bullet 11.5 / Cloth Sim, Realtime in viewport. a bit buggy but its getting there. Best part blender devs can leave the physics to the bullet guys/girls and focus on integration.

i kind of wondered what would happen if you added bullet to a cloth object, i just figured blender would break, fasinating to see that people are working it out!

What Marvelous Designer 3d does Baking Normals along with the mesh Deform. (just as the Blender Ocean Modifier does)
And No, I haven’t got Marvelous Designer 3d.

MD is awesome! But, you can produce pretty cool clothes in Blender too.

Was that bullet cloth test running blender? It doesn’t look like a blender viewport. I also think integrating cloth and soft bodies from bullet is a good idea. Bullet development is ongoing and getting better all the time. Focusing on seamless, complete integration would benefit blender greatly. Light wave 11.5 has integrated bullet cloth and soft bodies and it looks pretty good (in demos at least. I wonder how good it is in practice)

That was pretty awesome.

It’s interactive at preview-detail, however Blender simulation is also fairly quick at low resolutions. The big difference is in the editing tools, not the simulation. I remember seeing someone develop similar tools for Blender (defining stitch edges), but I don’t know what became of it.

According to the sintel post mortems, cloth sims fell apart when polys were intersecting at the beginning of a sim. Also stability was an issue. Doesn’t sound too bad otherwise. But one way or the other it would be awesome to see cloth development continue.

I used Marvelous quite a bit and trust me its power is not the speed. Moving patches in the viewport is a pita and you can’t simulate modeled meshes, you must draw them from scratch. However its phisycs simulation and possibility to adjust clothes while simulating is priceless.