Blender Cloud Gift Card

In the future, I would like to be able to provide gift cards for Blender Cloud subscriptions but I don’t see an option for this on their website.

I think this purchase option would go a long way towards increasing membership. Gift cards can be given as gifts, of course, but also for contest prizes and promotions. To the receiver it would be like a “free trial”, and when it expires they will likely want to pay for their own subscription having experienced the benefits.

I’m posting this here since I don’t know the most appropriate contact for this, so hopefully someone will see this and pass the idea along. It would increase Blender Cloud subscriptions and be a great thing to be able to give to someone.


EDIT: I sent a comment about this on the site, so hopefully it will be considered. It shouldn’t be a difficult thing to set up, especially if the “cards” aren’t physical.

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