Blender cloud idea

Hey everyone,

Not sure if I should be posting this here but I had a small idea about having a blender cloud file structure. When I’m bored at work and there is nothing to do I’ll fire up blender and work on some WIPs. I hate having to send myself my file structures all the time and thought it would be a cool idea to be able to sync data from one computer to another if blender had some sort of interface structure where you sign up with username and password and all of your designated cloud folders would display and allow you to rock out immediately.

I have no coding experience and understand this would be a huge undertaking but I thought I’d put out the idea for anyone that thought this would be interesting.

Emailing files is not a big deal and not a high priority thing but with everything being on the cloud now adays I thought it would be a step in the right direction.

I also figured that since blender users collaborate miles and miles away that having some sort of cloud would enable users to share folder structures easily so as to keep everything current.

I just got Chrome Beta for android and it allows you to pull your tabs from synced computers into your android browser which is handy if I was reading something but have to dip out and take the train for an hour. I no longer have to search again for exactly what forum or topic or whatever I was viewing on my pc prior to leaving.

Just a thought. Cheers!

Why reinvent the wheel. Use an already robust service like Dropbox or equivalent.

I don’t think this is what he was getting at…

His idea is to have a cloud service (as he said) that you simply open from within blender, log in or whatever from any computer with blender installed. Once logged in you have access to all of the files and folders that you have made available on the cloud system.

Not a BAD idea as such, but imagining the servers, the banks of hard drives, and the overall work that would need to go into this kind of thing is a bit far from the Blender Foundation’s current limits.

True but it is never a bad idea to throw something out there. The same was said about open source render farms but a few have at least made it past the idea phase and realized. How successful they have been is something out of my scope of knowledge.

Screw ‘the cloud’ man.
Just put Blender and your entire file structure on a USB thumb drive, and you can run it from ANY computer, anywhere, any time, with all your settings and files intact.
WAY more reliable and secure than ‘the cloud’, IMHO.

:slight_smile: true but I’m a diagnosed adhd. Remembering things is not a strong suit for anyone diagnosed with it. As far as reliability, I’d imagine its just as reliable as anything else. We just tend to curse when things are not in our control and forgive ourselves when they are.

Anyways, cloud systems are a godsend to me and it seems to be the way things are moving. As stated above it is probably not feasible now but someone might find the post and spark an interest. That is my only intention. That and features of it or how it would function could be a fun topic to chat about :slight_smile:

Like what if someone in England was linked up to your cloud structure and he was working on bad uvs while you were working on the fine details of a color texture map. He updates the model and replaces it and it loads up on your screen automatically. Or if two people were working on fixing a physics problem in a game. You could b chatting back and forth trying to figure it out. Based on the conversation someone sparks an idea, changes a few things, saves it and it auto uploads and fixes the problem on the other screen.

The cloud is all about efficiency and 3d file structure systems are anything but when working with teams. If you don’t want to be bothered with other team updates you can be in an isolation state or a collaborative state.

What will end up happening is there will be another system to handle the actual cloud stuff ie win and Linux and os x, but maybe some options in blender to auto recognize updates and load them in dynamically with a small notification of what’s been changed.

ah, i see. understand completely =]
the cloud’s just not for me. gives me hives. … totally get that others like and want it tho. :cool:

Isn’t this closer to a client server system (the computing isn’t done on remote computers, the files are hosted on the internet) much like the Verse project ( Its a shame that this great idea is languishing. :frowning: Help resurrect? :yes:

I personally think it’s a silly idea

How is multiple user, simultaneous collaboration across network/internet on a single server hosted Blender file a silly idea? Verse has shown it possible in 2007 already and with much cheaper, ubiquitous, higher bandwidth internet connections available in 2012 should reduce latency suckage greatly. Or google Blender, WebGL, html5, javascript and three.js.

Never did like “cloud” not for Adobe not for anything.